Whitescale Paint Collection

JO PA 01 Salt
Neutral crystalline white with a cool, crisp feel. Reminiscent of the mineral quality of natural sea salt deposits.

JO PA 02 Marble
The cool white of Carrara marble dust, in the studio, or at a sleepy Tuscan quarry.

JO PA 03 Chalk
White enlivened by the subtle presence of yellow.

JO PA 04 Cotton
A white warmed by ochre and reminiscent of unbleached cotton. Crisp, but temperate — a tone to wrap yourself in.

JO PA 05 Flour
Rose-tinted white, corresponding to the colour of ground spelt. A natural feel with texture and warmth.

JO PA 06 Milk
Fresh creamy white. Soft, with a certain kind of energy to it.

JO PA 07 Vellum
The white of pale parchment, combining yellow and brown pigments. A white with a tactile feel, a tangible presence.

JO PA 08 Almond
An warm ivory white with yellow undertones. Nourishing, slightly sunny.

JO PA 09 Limestone
Mellow, earthy white. A reference to English limestone, in contemporary and historic architecture.

JO PA 10 Silver Birch
Muted, mid-toned white with a greyish pink cast, reminiscent of the quiet landscape of a Swedish birch forest.

JO PA 11 Cashmere
The rich white of raw cashmere wool, a warm tone with a natural, soft feel.

JO PA 12 China Clay
A robust white with distinctive earthy tones that evokes the powdery quality of china clay. Slightest hint of pink.

JO PA 13 Gypsum
The pale pinkish white of dried plaster, capturing the cool feel of its powdery surface.