Perspectives is essentially a tool for viewing, incorporating the largest concave meniscus crystal lens ever commissioned from Swarovski’s optical division. This lens sits on the flat surface of a metal hemisphere so highly polished it resembles a pool of mercury. The effect of bringing these two elements together is to provide sharply honed perspectives of isolated elements of a spatial environment. The piece is designed to be as simple and visually refined as possible, but the focus of the project falls not on the physicality of the object itself, so much as how this object enables people to see in a different way.

The inaugural project of the newly created
Swarovski Foundation, Perspectives was
installed below the cupola of Andrea Palladio’s Basilica di San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, as part of the 55th International Art Exhibition.

With the support of
The Swarovski Foundation

Project Team
Mark Treharne, Alison Morris, Nicholas Barba

Gilbert McCarragher