John Pawson Furniture Collection

The roots of the Dining and Lounge Series
can be traced back more than three
decades to Pawson’s first order of Dinesen
Douglas fir planks, for use as floorboards
and for the fabrication of a table and stools,
with the dimensions of the timber
determining the proportions of the forms.

The top and legs of the new dining table are
created from two boards, with the shadow
gap expressed in a different variety of
timber — for example, combining Douglas
fir and oak. Stools and benches are made
from a single Douglas fir board, with a solid
central spine.

Designed by the Pawson Studio,
the Lounge Series comprises a sofa,
armchair and daybed. The sofa and
armchair express the boards on the side
elevation, while the cushions continue the
theme of assembled and layered elements.
The daybed and coffee table are conceived
as lower versions of the dining table.

Project Team
Stefan Dold, Chris Masson, Maria Bello, Nicholas Barba

Claus Troelsgaard

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