John Pawson

The programme of this first exhibition of Pawson’s photographic work in Japan is divided between three indoor galleries and an outdoor area. Two galleries offer a visual encounter with sequences of chromatically ordered images drawn from Spectrum, while a second space contains diptychs of editioned Spectrum prints, hung alongside photographs from the series Home, where the subject of Pawson’s lens is his own domestic environments.

Set in counterpoint to this photographic inventory is a contemplative installation, constructed in proximity to the street and titled Lunula for its crescent geometry. Through the burning of incense, a parallel narrative can be drawn with the incense room designed as part of The Feuerle Collection in Berlin nearly a decade ago.

Project team
Maria Bello, Max Gleeson, Chris Masson, Nicholas Barba

Carrie Scott

Alison Morris

Lunula Construction
Yabashi Marble Co., Ltd.

Keishin Horikoshi / SS

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