Haus Tirol

The goal was to create a contemporary family home in a consistent modern idiom that also feels rooted in a sense of place. The prevailing vernacular building style is based on the gables and pitched roofs of the traditional farmhouse. Another relevant influence is the typology of the castle. Rather than drawing on these references, many examples of which are copies of copies, the contextual appropriateness of this new piece of architecture will derive from the use of local materials and from a form that reads as the natural outcome of its site and the wider landscape — the attenuated lines of the vines crisscrossing the land, for example, echoed in simple horizontal volumes that hug the contours of the hill.

Recipient of the CasaClima Jury Award 2019.

Project Team
Stefan Dold, Viviana Fagnani, Stephen Baty, Daniel Balo,
Tom Whittaker

Project Architect
Maurizio Berni for Markus Scherer Architekt

Oliver Jaist