Home Farm Cooking

Photographed entirely in the Pawson family home in Oxfordshire and its immediate surroundings, Home Farm Cooking is a personal account of the rituals of cooking and eating. As well as a narrative of food and daily life, it is also a narrative of architecture and place. Organised by season, the 100 recipes that form the book’s core include the dishes Catherine makes most often, some of them her own, others given to her by friends and chefs or inspired by favourite cookbooks. Every dish is presented exactly as it would be if you sat down for a meal at Home Farm, using the cookware, tableware and homeware in everyday use, much of it designed by John.

Catherine & John Pawson

Foreword, The Architecture of Home
by Alison Morris

Commissioning Editor
Emilia Terragni

Project Editor
Sophie Hodgkin

Production Controller
Jane Harman

Gilbert McCarragher, John Pawson, Natasha Stanglmayr

Nicholas Barba

ISBN 978 1 8386 6126 7

Images courtesy of Phaidon

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