The West Hollywood Edition

Key to the character of West Hollywood
is the way glamour and grittiness have
historically rubbed up against one another
and the desire to capture something of
this dynamic, contradictory energy shaped the design direction here, particularly in terms of the hotel’s public spaces. Installed in the lobby, artist Sterling Ruby’s artwork, The Jungle (6208.3), incorporating an oil drum and a frying pan, provides the most literal expression of this dichotomy, in the way the scale and rawness of the piece read against the refined travertine surfaces of the triple height space.

Project team
Allan Bell, Shingo Ozawa, Mark Treharne, Charlotte Moe, Eleni Koryzi, Ines Gulbenkian, Harikleia Karamali, Tom Whittaker, Max Gleeson, Nicholas Barba, Alison Morris

Nikolas Koenig