Door Furniture

A work of architecture is the sum of both large moves and much smaller gestures. When one is designing a space, one must consider the light, the volume, the junctions, the proportions and the material palette, but also the things that are touched and used everyday, which are moments in the life of a place — from switching on a light and hanging a shirt on a hook to taking a book down from a shelf. Some of these are very slight physical elements in themselves, but they come together to make the atmosphere of a space. Such an action, frequently repeated over the course of a day, is the action of opening a door. The door handle designs for FSB comprise a family of pieces that share a specific vocabulary of curved and straight elements. Fabricated in bronze, the sensual, tactile quality of the cool metal surfaces in the hand is balanced by the visual refinement of the forms.

Project Team
Seamus Kowarzik, Stefan Dold, Mark Treharne