Baracuda Ketch

This commission involved taking a particular set of spatial principles and applying them to a 50-metre Perini Navi cruising yacht, with the scope of work encompassing the specification and refinement of exterior details and the design of living and entertaining spaces on and below deck. Named Baracuda, the yacht’s hull is finished in silvery grey reminiscent of a fish’s scales. The sail, by contrast, is deep purple, evocative of the murex dyes reserved for the togas of Roman emperors and used by Cleopatra for the sails of her barge. Furniture and fittings designed specially for the project are purposely mixed with classic pieces, in a move away from the homogeneity that frequently characterises yacht interiors.

Naval Architects
Perini Navi, Ron Holland

Project Team
Mark Treharne, Valerie Chomarat

Perini Navi