Albion Jeune Gallery

This new contemporary art gallery
occupies the ground floor of a nineteenth
century, mid terrace, seven-storey building
in the Fitzrovia district of central London.
Covering 1300 square feet, the vision for
Albion Jeune is of a platform for artist-led
projects, with a diverse programme of
exhibitions and publications. Each of the
spaces is pared back to the pure conditions
of proportion, surface and light. Boards of
pale oak run seamlessly across the floor
plan, setting up a quiet dialogue with
white walls and ceilings and the refined
geometries of cupboards and shelving.
Within this rigorously calm visual field,
the eye and the mind are free to focus
on the art without disruption.

Vishwa Kaushal, Chris Masson, Nora Szüts

Gilbert McCarragher