‘The methodology that underlies the chromatic arrangement of these images embodies underlying truths about my preferences and working methods. I am naturally drawn to tasks involving cataloguing, editing and setting in order and interested in how these processes can be made enriching experiences in their own right. I am interested in the idea of a definitive act of curation. I am excited by the challenge of identifying which rules will produce the most rigorous outcome, even as I am also alive to doubts over whether, in the circumstances, the most rigorous will necessarily equate to the best’.

From Spectrum by John Pawson, published by Phaidon Press, 13 November 2017

To coincide with the release of Spectrum, John Pawson will be in conversation with Michael Craig-Martin at the RIBA on 21 November 2017 and with Emilia Terragni at the Design Museum on 28 November 2017


Book photography
Max Gleeson