‘…we should attempt to bring nature, houses and human beings together into a higher unity.’ Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Home Farm Cooking is a book about a place and its inhabitants, as much as it is a collection of recipes. The details of how we cook and eat embody our specific choices to do with food, but also reflect much wider preferences in terms of the rituals of our everyday lives and engagement with the rhythms of the year. Memories of successive Easters and Christmases are stacking up at Home Farm and a number of significant birthdays have been celebrated in the barn. Over the next few weeks, it will be time to head out into the nearby woods, to forage for wild garlic. These are the events that embed people within a house and its setting, in a process that is as endless as the cycle of the seasons itself.

Home Farm Cooking by Catherine & John Pawson, published by Phaidon Press,
15 April 2021

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Gilbert McCarragher